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  1. Hi. I was hoping to be able to join the painting retreat in September but home commitments are currently prohibitive. So I plan to keep in touch this way and maybe I can come at some future point.

    I know the value of meditation but admit to not making time for it in my rather crowded busy day. Have little time for painting either, but I did do one for the Annual Open at MOMA Wales Tabernacl Exhibition and it was accepted. The theme was Feeling, after the words by Tolstoy about the nature of an artist’s work: ie. not being about reflecting reality but about reflecting the artist’s feeling about the subject. I did a portrait in oil of my daughter and son-in-law with their new daughter on the day they returned home from an over-night stay in the maternity suite. I enjoyed doing this and hope to do more portraits as I find faces endlessly fascinating!

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