RENAISSANCE - Why choose us?

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up?” Pablo Picasso.

At Renaissance we are addressing the lack in the mainstream education system to develop your natural creativity.

Every child instinctively knows how to play and create. It’s natural. We don’t lose that instinct but it does get repressed and unused as we grow up.

Children’s brains function in different ways than adults. Scientific research has shown that children have access to and function mainly at the Alpha, Theta and Delta brain wave states. This allows them to freely create and express themselves artistically with complete confidence and joy.

However as we grow up our brain seems to change and we replace these creative brain waves with the Beta brain wave as our dominant brain wave state.

Whilst the Beta state is important in order for us to function as practical and organised adults in everyday life, it’s not a creative or artistic state of consciousness. In fact it’s the complete opposite and won’t be of any use to you if you’re hoping to get creative !

So why do our brains change in this way ?

There’s a reason that this occurs. The standard worldwide education system is primarily designed to only educate and develop the left side of your brain. This encourages the development and increase of the Beta brain wave, which is typically associated with this side of the brain.

So for example, if you started school at 5 years old and left at 16, you’ve effectively lost at least 11 years ( and more if you went on to further and higher education ) that you could have used developing and training your right brain. Is it any wonder, therefore, that most people are convinced that they’re not artistic or that they don’t have any creative talents by the time they leave school !

“I believe that every person is born with talent”. Maya Angelou.

What is the Renaissance Method™ ?

Everybody has artistic talent and can be good at art. You only have to tune in to the creative side of your brain and connect with your own creative spirit.

We have decoded the creative process can share the secrets of artistic genius with you. This new way of teaching the arts and creativity give you the desired results easily and in a very short space of time. With these cutting edge exercises and techniques you’ll find that instead of spending years trying to achieve a deeper level of creativity or skill you’ll now be able to get there in a matter of minutes.

Imagination, creativity, memory, spontaneity, confidence; all these things can be exercised and increased in a similar way that you might exercise and develop a muscle in your body. We teach you easy techniques and set you simple tasks that all help you increase and accelerate your creativity. These qualities will become as free, strong and as fluid as they were in childhood. And with the added bonus that you’ll now be able to combine it with all your adult experience and intelligence.

“If children grew up according to early indications, we should have nothing but geniuses”. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Creative Cross Training™ and How It Can Help You.

“The creative act is a kind of ‘accident’. An integral practice can make you ‘accident-prone’”. Ken Wilber.

Philosopher Ken Wilber says that in order to become a more accomplished and talented artist you need to train or exercise all the various parts of being, to a greater or lesser degree where needed, in an integrated and holistic way. Our Creative Cross Training™ method is the perfect way for you to do this.

Our  method involves working with your individual needs and qualities in a holistic way, helping you to develop all the various areas and parts of your mind and spirit, so that you have complete access to all of your creative potential.

“We will discover the nature of our particular genius when we stop trying to conform to our own or to other people’s models, learn to be ourselves, and allow our natural channel to open”. Shakti Gawain

 1. Right Brain Training: Increasing Your Creativity and Imagination.

The right side of the brain governs all things artistic, creative and imaginative. However due to the heavy emphasis our education system places on the left side of the brain, most people find that in terms of their creativity they are still stuck at a fairly basic level.

The Renaissance Method™ quickly trains the right side of your brain, bringing it up to speed with the advanced level of the left side. We use both tried and tested right brain training as well as revolutionary accelerated learning methods, which are easy and fun to do. You’ll find your creative awareness, imagination and intuition heightened within a remarkably short space of time, giving you the satisfaction and pleasure of being a competent artist.

2. Accelerated  Learning Teaching: The Quick and Easy Way For You to Learn New Skills.

“Education” : (origin ME: from L. educat-,educere) to ‘lead out’

In 1992 the writer D.Trinidad Hunt in her book “Learning to Learn” said that “the human body is a natural learning suit.” By this she means that as a child we process the world around us and absorb information through all of our senses and multiple intelligences. “Imprinting” is a natural stage of early human development. It also means that every experience you have ever had has been recorded, in minute detail, by your brain and is stored, in most cases, in your subconscious or unconscious part of your mind. Traditional ways of learning don’t use your full human learning potential and you have to work harder and longer to achieve results.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Accelerated learning produces remarkable results and without the usual effort or lengthy time it takes to achieve the same outcome. It was initially pioneered by Georgi Lozanov in the early 60′s and has since been refined and developed to achieve even better results. Amongst other things, this revolutionary way of teaching typically uses various techniques such as breathing, visualisation and biofeedback.

As part of our educational structure we also use daily Meditation, Energy Body Work ( such as Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Tensegrity, Yoga ) Educational Kinesiology, NLP ( neuro linguistic programming or re framing ), Creative Visualisation, Dream Work, Objective setting, chunking, working with the multiple intelligences, Pattern spotting and learning in broad strokes, State setting, the use of music to positively influence the emotional and mental state of students, as well as holding most sessions outside, in nature, as described in the next section below. 

It is also important that our kind and expert tutors provide you with a safe and supportive learning environment.

By setting you simple tasks and guiding you through easy exercises you learn how to maximise your full potential and gain a relaxed learning mind set. This means that you’ll be able to absorb lots of new information and skills much faster and in more quantity than normal. But because these fun techniques work with your natural learning tendencies in a whole being, whole mind, way it won’t feel like hard work. In fact students report how surprised they are at just how easy and simple it was to learn new skills and develop their creative talent in this way.

No previous experience of any of these techniques is needed, as all sessions are tailored to your individual needs and level of ability.

“Creativity flourishes in a place of safety and acceptance” Julia Cameron.

3. The Holistic Mind-Body-Spirit Connection: Why It’s So Important For Artists.

“Straightaway the ideas flow in upon me, directly from God” Johannes Brahms.

The third part of our holistic method includes having a strong connection with nature, spirit and energy. You experience life and the world in many different ways. You’re constantly absorbing and processing information through your senses, intuition, energy body field, mind and body.

There is a larger energetic or spiritual field that we’re all connected to, whether we’re aware of it or not. This state  is sometimes called the “Present Field Awareness” , the “Universal Mind” ,the “Divine Mind”, the “Source” or the “Unified Field of Consciousness” and it is considered to be the home of all intelligence and creativity.

“Spirit is the primordial artist. It brings forth from nothingness an entire universe of intentionality. The artist creates a miniature creation of the entire universe – from emptiness to an entire world is manifest. Transformative integral practice can remove barriers to creativity. You open yourself up, explore your full potential ( as yet undiscovered ) all the Chakras are open and awake; you create with freshness and newness.” Ken Wilber.

Most people feel that they not connected to their whole being and to the larger energetic or spiritual field around them, and therefore struggle to achieve what they really want in life.

“Intelligence is elastic and not just localized in the brain. It is located throughout the body at the cellular level and extends in an inter-connective web with the grand intelligence of the universe.” T.Trinidad Hunt.

By strengthening your connection to the energetic field and spirit you’ll find that you’ll become a more talented and confident artist. You’ll be able to tap into the the creative energy of the universe and take from it what you need, when you want it. This connection jump starts your creativity and gives you a boost. Your art and creativity will be transformed. You’ll find that others will really notice that you’ve deepened your creativity and achieved a new level of skill.

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

 A typical daily schedule could look like this: (Please also see the individual listings for more details of each programme’s content).

8am Morning meditation and/or energetic bodywork
9 – 10am Breakfast
10 – 11.30am First session
11.30 – 12pm Morning break
12 – 1.30pm Second session
1.30 – 2.30pm Lunch
2.30 – 4pm Third session
4 – 4.30pm Afternoon break
4.30 – 6.30 or 7.30pm Fourth session (May include a lecture and/or discussion and therefore also include a short break)
7.30 – 8pm Dinner

We create a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment for all our students, regardless of experience or background.

Group numbers are purposely kept small. This allows each student to receive personal attention from the tutor.

We look forward to meeting you on one of our courses soon !