What can I expect from a retreat at Renaissance?

Your time at Renaissance is a chance to escape your everyday life so we do not have any external distractions or modern day influences during the course’s duration. There is no Television, Internet, Telephones or Daily Newspapers. This is to purposely keep the retreat peaceful and relaxed and so that you can focus on the course without distractions.

Who apart from participants will be on site during the courses?

Apart from the tutors, there will also be a house manager or concierge on site during the day to help with the running of the course and at meal times. If you have any non-course related queries the house manager should be able to help you. Staff at Renaissance includes the tutors, a house manager or concierge and a cook for the evening meals.

Are there any ‘House Rules’ at Renaissance?

We have a policy of no smoking or using mobile phones on site during class sessions. A telephone is available in emergencies and you are welcome to use your mobile when off site. Meals are usually eaten on site, breakfast and lunch are buffets and prepared by the house manager and our cook prepares the evening meal. We ask you to treat the venue as you would your own home and to relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

Can I use my mobile or laptop/get Internet access at Renaissance?

Most mobiles receive a signal, however we discourage mobile being used on site during sessions (please see above FAQ). Internet access is not possible at the retreat itself, however there is internet access at the local cafes and resturants. You are also welcome to bring your laptop if you need it for the course, such as for writing.

Will I be sharing a bedroom or can I have a single room?

The house is a rustic renovated 18th century barn and has a cosy atmosphere. There are six bedrooms on site. We encourage participants to share bedrooms as it helps create a supportive and community spirit among the group. However it may be possible to obtain a single room or to share a room with partners or friends. Supplements may apply if requesting a single room.

Also depending on the group and number of participants we may have to accommodate some participants off site at a near by venue. In these cases there will be no extra charge and we will take you to and from Renaissance every day during the course. Please ask for further details when booking.

Can I change rooms if I want a different room?

All reasonable requests will be considered, however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate you.

How many bathrooms/showers are there?

There are two bathrooms/toilets on the premises. There is one bathroom upstairs with bath, shower and toilet and one shower-room and toilet downstairs. Participants share facilities.

Do you cater for Vegetarians/Vegans? Can you also cater for those with special dietary requirements, such as food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities?

Our catering and menu is typically French in style and content, however we will endeavour to cater for any dietary requirements, including Vegetarians, Vegans and those with special dietary needs. Please see food/accommodation page for more details of meals and what’s included. Or call us on 07554 435 563 for more information.

Where can we visit during time off?

There are many cultural and interesting places, popular with tourists, to visit in the surrounding area. Please follow the link to ‘Places of Interest’ page for more details on the surrounding region and attractions.

When do the courses start and when do we arrive at the venue?

We advise that you arrive on the Saturday the day before the course starts. If you arrive at the designated French airport we will have arranged a transfer for you to the venue. The courses run 6 days in length, from Sunday to Friday inclusive. Participants will then usually leave on the following Saturday. Again, we will have arranged a transfer back to the airport on this Saturday. We will only provide transfers on these days and to our designated airport. You are welcome to make your own travel arrangements but in these cases we will not be liable for any other travel costs incurred. We request that you vacate the venue by 12 noon on the last Saturday of the course week. Please see the individual course listings for dates and also our terms and conditions for more details.

Course Information

What is the purpose of the meditation, extra bodywork and dialogue sessions included in the courses?

Our courses have been specially created to provide you with a rich and productive learning and creative experience. The extra disciplines are included to help you learn at a deeper level and develop you confidence in the subject you are studying. These are tried and tested techniques and ones, which you are encouraged to continue to practice when you return home, as they will continue to support your creativity and development.

What other support do you provide for my participation?

We provide a before, during and after support package.
Prior to the course we will send you a Registration pack, which may include pre course ‘homework’ and/or activities to prepare you for your course.
On arriving at Renaissance you will receive a Welcome pack, which will include useful information for your participation during the course.
After the course you will receive ongoing support and information from us so that you are able to continue your creative development and to help you sustain the opening that you gained from the course once back in your daily life. This will take the form of a personally addressed email letter to you, two weeks after you return home and thereafter on a periodic basis. This email letter will contain useful information, advice and support, which will follow on from your course.
This support ensures that you keep motivated and stay on track with your development and the actions that you intended at the end of your course.

What materials/equipment are provided? What do I need to bring?

We will provide all basic materials and equipment required for the course. Any additional items may be available on site at an extra cost. You are also welcome to bring any of your own materials and equipment to the courses if you prefer. Please check customs limitations when flying in regard to liquids and baggage. Please also see individual course listings for further details.

Do I need to speak/understand French?

All the courses are in English. However when visiting the surrounding area you may wish to bring a phrase book or learn a few basic phrases if you don’t already speak French.

Are there any age restrictions?

Unless otherwise stated, all courses are designed for adults with a minimum age of 18. There is no upper age limit.

Private Retreat and Holiday Bookings

Is the venue available for private retreats or holiday bookings?

We have several periods throughout the year, including summer peak times and Christmas/New Year when we can accommodate private retreat or holiday bookings. We are happy to accommodate single or group bookings. Families with children are also welcome. The house can sleep up to twelve persons. All private bookings are self-catering. We will charge a supplement during the winter for the use of logs. Please contact us to find out about prices and availability throughout the year.

Prices and How To Book

How much do the courses cost?

All courses cost £945 per person. A deposit of £200 is required to reserve your place on the course. This deposit is non refundable. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What’s included in the course fee?

  • All course tuition and tutor costs.
  • All basic course materials and equipment provided.
  • Support Packages and material for before, during and after the course.
  • Overnight accommodation either at the venue or at a venue nearby for the duration of the course.
  • We also provide all bed linen and towels for participants.
  • All transfer costs to and from the venue from a designated airport in the area.
  • All meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, including wine, at the venue, including all break time snacks and refreshments (with the exception of one evening dinner on the half day off, please see below for details).

What’s not included in the course fee?

Any extra transport costs including your flight or travel to France. Any extra materials or equipment that you wish to bring from home to the course. If participants wish to work with additional materials they can be made available on site at an additional cost. Any personal items or money for spending whilst at Renaissance. One evening meal midweek is not included. This is where we encourage participants to venture out and explore the surrounding region and enjoy one of the many fine restaurants in the area.

Are there any discounts?

We have a number of discounts available:

We now offer discounts if there is a group booking. For example you will get 10% off the full cost of the retreat if you and one other book up at the same time on the same course retreat. 20 % off if you and two others book up and 30% off if you and three or more book up at the same time and on the same course retreat. Each individual who books their place will receive this discount. Please contact us for more details about these discounts.

How do I book place on a course?

Please either fill in the online booking form via the link below or call us on 07554 435 563 and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

If there are any questions that we haven’t covered here, please contact us with your query. Please also see our Terms and Conditions when booking.