“My week with Renaissance was a wonderful experience!”

My week with Renaissance was a wonderful experience. 

It was a true joy to be able to paint amidst gorgeous French countryside with a seemingly endless supply of art materials – and an expert on hand always ready to provide information, encouragement and inspiration. 

Anne Bennison, the art tutor, was brilliant. A real facilitator (which is what a teacher should be) as well as a fabulous person.

I found the creativity-enhancing sessions interesting and motivating – and the food was superb! Everything exceeded my expectations.

But also the “Dreams and Actions” follow up support pack after the course, which I had hardly thought about and didn’t expect much from initially, however I love it, it’s been really helpful, I had no idea how good it would be!

The course retreat has made me more proactive. I already had a feeling that there was a sort of ‘energy’ and serendipity out there but the course made it a more concrete concept for me and how I can use this for my art and creativity.

It helped me deal with my lack of confidence and this has also been reinforced by the Dreams and Actions support pack. Everyday was a breakthrough in my painting and drawing. I now have more conviction and commitment regarding doing art since the course.

Joy Pilbeam.

Essex. UK.

June 2011

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