“Life changing! You have done more for me that you can know!”

Life Changing! I got so much out of this retreat than I could have imagined. The course was exactly what I needed. I didn’t expect to be going home with more respect and confidence for myself and my work.

I loved the kind and encouraging way in which we were taught. I felt spoilt. The group was wonderful. Beautiful house, I wish it were mine! Food very good. There was nothing more I could ask for. I only wish the retreat was longer because I didn’t want to go home!

The course was exactly what I needed to give me the motivation to continue art. I loved Anne’s teaching style. She is very encouraging and generous with her knowledge. She knows how to get the best out of people.

I learned to respect the art I was creating and to view it as a process and each piece as a learning experience. I learned through Anne’s encouraging teaching methods to keep trying and I learned to be more connected to spirit and actually be able for the first time to see my artistic dreams as a reality through the exercises that we did. 

I would definitely like to come back for a continuation of future spiritual and artistic development. Thank you so much, you have done more me that you can know

Michelle Harton.

Cavan. Ireland. 

June 2011.

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