“Kicks starts your art and gives a confidence boost. Amazing results!”

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found it extremely rewarding. It kicks starts your art and gives you a confidence boost.

Renaissance helped me get over blocks and mental barriers. The exercises help harness energy and get you in touch with your heart and spirit. The attention to detail on this course was superb.

The tutor was fantastic and everyone was very supportive and positive. This is the best money I have ever spent – it has done more for my confidence and self esteem than anything else I have tried, and has affected my whole life, not just my artwork – which is coming on in leaps and bounds. I will never forget the experience.

I had been studying with Open College of Art before I attended Renaissance. When my tutor saw my work after I’d returned from France she couldn’t believe how dramatically I’d improved in such a short space of time. She said you haven’t just improved a bit, you’ve taken a massive leap forward, what have you been doing? When I told her I’d been on a Renaissance course retreat she told me to book up again immediately, because it was definitely producing amazing results!

Alison Vasey.

Cheshire. UK.

September 2010

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