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Lyn WildeLyn Wilde Course ImageWriting the Path with Heart

27th August – 3rd September 2011

Lyn Webster Wilde

Each morning will start with pre-breakfast meditation or Tai Chi. Relaxation, sensory awareness and a good relationship with the body can bring vigour, freshness and depth to writing.

Day 1

Waking the Dragon

What really interests and galvanises you? What part can you play in the unfolding drama of our common life? We will be asking some big questions and exploring ways to bring the passion and enthusiasm we discover into your writing. We will be using myth, dream and archetype as keys.
Day 2

Seeing and Dreaming

Good writing requires the ability to use your senses and observe the real world very closely whilst also allowing the imagination and the unconscious to play and explore. We will be developing these two strands together and weaving them into a piece of work whilst exploring the landscape to find clues and inspiration. We will do some collective dreaming
Day 3

The Power of Polarity

We will find out how to activate and use both sides of the brain – linear and global, form and force, left and right, male and female, dialogue and drama. We will investigate the secrets of storytelling, which are beyond analysis, taking us towards emotional truth and the place of daring.
Day 4

The Writer’s Journey

Now that we are relaxed, open and actively engaged in writing, it is time for an expedition to find inspiration for this and future work, possibly via a pilgrimage to a sacred place. Places to visit include the famous monolithic church of Saint-Jean in Aubeterre Sur Dronne, voted the most beautiful village in France. This will be followed by an intensive writing session, with one-to-one periods with Lyn, for detailed feedback, stimulation and support.
Day 5

Taming the Dragon

Ways of tackling obstacles and weaknesses in your writing. What is writer’s block really about? What are we afraid of? Dissolving fear in action – and learning to edit your work skillfully and ‘murder your darlings’ where necessary.
Day 6

A grand read-out of work, feedback and celebration. Finally, with the help of your tutor, you will form your very own “Dreams & Actions” plan. This specially designed plan, unique to you, will give you the support you need to continue with your new found confidence and creativity once you have returned home.

During the week we will also try to schedule an afternoon off, where students will have the opportunity to either continue with their work or relax and socialise. We suggest that this would be a good time if you want to go sightseeing or visit some of the many fine local restaurants, cafes and tourist spots. If you do desire an afternoon/evening out or wish to explore the area, our house manager will be happy to give you more information. Please ask us for more details when you arrive.

This course retreat is suitable for complete beginners to intermediate level.