Aidan Treays
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Aidan Treays

In this 6 day Dance and Movement Course we will be working towards deepening our connection to the environment.

Using structured Dance Sequences and Improvisation Techniques we will ‘feel into’ the intimate and exquisite relationship our bodies share with the earth.

Like falling silently into a forgotten dream our perception and awareness expand to include this support as the ground for our lives and decisions in our day to day lives. This brings a new confidence in our ability to stay ‘present’ in the challenges of our lives.

The course is open to beginners and more experienced dancers/movers. It is recommended for those seeking a more creative outlook on their lives, artists needing creative refreshment and for those who recognise that their bodies and their movement expression have in some way been side lined in their lives.

Each day will be structured to include feed back sessions, allowing participants to fully live into and share the experience they are in.

On the first day we will work with our bodies using stretches and exercises to open up the breath and its connection to our movement. We will also look and see why we are at the course and what we hope to accomplish, dream, find. This exploration will be in the form of a movement exercise; followed by feed back.

Day 2 will involve learning a Dance Sequence and doing improvisational exercises to allow ourselves to feel the bodies’ connection to the environment. In this expression we discover a deeper understanding of what we wish to accomplish from the course. We start to find and create a unique movement sequence to express this.

On the morning of the third day the focus turns to the group as a whole. We focus on working with the heart area; in its physical and energetic forms. We become more aware of each others movement expression and how that enhances and supports ours. Slowly we are building up Choreographic and Improvisational Movement phrases.

In the afternoon, we go out into the Dordogne and visit the environment. With our bodies open and free the area with its rich history and dream like nature comes alive for us. In the evening if we choose we eat dinner together and share songs, poems and stories.

On Day 4 where we work more intensively in the studio on the material we have built up. Discarding what is extra and boiling down what we have created to its essence.

Day 5 sees us take our movement material outside. We use the elements of the weather and the earth, to focus, shift and rearrange the work we have created. This part of the process takes on a deeply personal mood that is shared and brought into the piece as a whole later in the day.

On Day 6 the process moves into its natural sense of completion. Over the 5 days of moving together we have developed a rich tapestry of movements; with each other, on our own and with the earth. As a group we give our dance to the earth, to ourselves and each other with a mood of gratitude and celebration.