Tania Coke“Once upon a time, there was a management consultant called Tania. One day she saw a flyer for a workshop in Corporeal Mime…”

Seven years later, having completed a diploma and post-graduate teaching and directing degree at the International School of Corporeal Mime, I am now a member of Steven Wasson and Corrinne Soum’s mime ensemble, Theatre de L’Ange Fou, participating in shows such as ‘The Orpheus Complex’,'The Man Who Preferred to Stand’ and, currently, a film, ‘The Penelope Complex’. In 2006 I directed and performed in a solo show, ‘Camille Claudel’, in collaboration with Carly Ashdown and Tony Nwachukwu.

Over these years I have begun to understand my own reasons for choosing mime. I can see how my education in mime has reconnected me to my own physicality, imagination and emotion – and to those of others. How? Through working on the visible (body) as a manifestation of the invisible (mind,spirit,soul).

Outside my work in mime, I also explore the themes of connectedness and communication through my work as a mediator and teamwork trainer.

My first career was as a management consultant with Burlington Consultants (now part of Deloitte), where I supported private equity and corporate clients on questions of M&A, strategy and organisation design.

“The passion of Camille for sculpting and the passion of Tania for the stage come together to give the audience an amazing treat.” Review of Tania’s show ‘Camille Claudel’ ANF News Agency

“Tania has a huge ability as communicator and facilitator” D.Kruger