ARTIST BIOGS - Lyn Webster Wilde

Lyn WildeLyn Webster Wilde is the author of On the Trail of the Women Warriors, Celtic Inspirations and Becoming the Enchanter, which describes her extraordinary experiences investigating Britain’s hidden native tradition of spirituality. She has been a successful documentary film-maker and broadcaster, but now writes, runs groups exploring the Celtic and pre-Celtic mystery traditions and teaches creative writing (for The Open University and Bristol University). She has a first class degree in English Literature from Cambridge University.

‘The factor which runs through all my jobs and interests,’ says Lyn, ‘is an exploration of the creative process. How does anything come into being? What can we do to stop repeating old patterns and become creative? How can we live a balanced, constructive and spiritually aware life in these difficult times?’ Lyn lives in a converted chapel in the Welsh borders and is (slowly!) building a sacred landscape there, whilst warding off the attacks of predatory sheep on her young trees, practicing meditation and teaching Yang style Tai Chi.

“Lyn’s workshops have been life changers for me. I was someone with no confidence or direction in my writing but Lyn has managed to turn me into an obsessed writer who now wants to do nothing else but write.” Gillian Bate

“Lyn’s course was the catalyse for my writing. She inspired us all and since then I’ve written two children’s books and am over halfway through my first full-length novel. Lyn continues to be supportive and encouraging in my writing and I really have to thank her for my own enthusiasm.” Ellie Targett

“I have been on several of Lyn’s courses and they have all been stimulating, thought provoking and a real spur to getting on with the job of writing. I still attend her courses as often as I can.” Bob Young