”Every child is an artist. But the problem is how to remain an artist when you grow up?” – Picasso.

If you want to learn how to draw, paint, write or act but think that you have no talent, or are stuck and want to gain more creativity and confidence, then these courses and classes are for you.

These groundbreaking courses use mediation and energy bodywork, amongst other techniques, to help students unleash their creativity. You’ll learn how to decode the artistic process, dramatically increasing your imagination and artistic skill in a matter of minutes, saving you many years and lots of money  of frustratingly trying to achieve this result elsewhere.

Read the many testimonials from happy students, showing how surprised and delighted they were with the results. That they got a tremendous boost of creative energy and gained a higher level of skill so quickly. They now were competent artists and were able to paint and draw, write or act to a professional standard.

We guarentee you’ll easily gain a remarkable amount of creativity and artistic skill in a short space of time. The new Renaissance Method™ uses proven Mind-Body-Spirit techniques and right brain creative training, combined with cutting edge accelerated learning and development exercises that produce incredible results in minutes. Suddenly, in just one week, you’ll find your inner artist is awakened on our inspiring courses.


    More than just a painting holiday, this practical one-week course retreat.....


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    Would you like to learn in a fun, relaxing and supportive way that guarantees to release you...




    Each morning will start with pre-breakfast meditation or Tai Chi. Relaxation, sensory awareness.....



The Renaissance Method™ is a holistic, Mind-Body-Spirit and right brained accelerated learning approach. Daily sessions of Meditation, NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming), Breath work, Creative Visualisation, Dream and Energy Bodywork, (including Tai Chi and Chi Gung) will dramatically increase your confidence, self belief, motivation, imagination and creativity powerfully and naturally. Our courses are carefully structured so that these sessions run seamlessly alongside your daily tuition producing exciting results in terms of skill and creative ability.

Working with your unique personality and needs, our kind and experienced tutors will guide you through easy and fun exercises and tasks to free your imagination and creative spirit. You will be thrilled to discover just how much talent you really have inside you, waiting for you to learn how to unlock it. We promise you’ll be surprised at just how quickly you’ll become that talented artist. We also guarantee that you will return home full of inspiration, energy and renewed self-motivation.

We’ve helped many people, just like you, destroy inner limits and gain remarkable confidence and skill beyond their dreams. All of our students tell us they’ve achieved amazing results from doing our all inclusive course retreats. But don’t take my word for it, please read what people have said about us on our Testimonials page and in the Artists and Illustrators magazine article page.

This all inclusive 7 day course holiday includes your full board, accommodation, all meals and refreshments, day trips and transfers and all your tuition and art materials plus your own Dreams and Actions 6-month post course support pack and personal coaching. We take care of everything for you so you can really relax, learn and have a wonderful time!

We have a passion for teaching and for helping you achieve your artistic dreams, whether you’re 18 or 80. So say “Yes!” to becoming the artist that you’ve always dreamed of. Join us for one week of creative bliss at our beautiful villa retreat in the French countryside. And discover for yourself how to start developing your own creative genius now.

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